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Are you a victim of ransomware ? Here is the solution.

What is a Ransomware Attack?Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a user's files so they cannot be opened without a decryption key. The criminal will then demand ransom money in return for the decryption key. The encryption algorithms employed in ransomware are typically on the higher end - AES + RSA encryption with RSA(426)-AES and RSA(1024)-AES, and RSA 4096 keys. For all intents and purposes it is impossible to decrypt these files without the correct key. Often, companies and individuals have been forced to pay the ransom money to get their files back - though payment does not always ensure receipt of the decryption key. The ransom is demanded in the form of bitcoins, online cash, Amazon gift certificates, premium text messages, or wired through Western Union. The extorter usually demands that the victim pays up within a specific time-frame or certain parts of the data will be destroyed. They may also warn that the price of decryption will increase with each…

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